Our Main Products

At Star X Auto, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction shines through in our range of core products. Specifically designed to meet our global clientele’s unique needs, these offerings are your pathway to world-class automotive care.

Genuine Auto Parts

Choose Star X Auto for genuine, high-quality auto parts. Our wide range meets strict quality standards, ensuring unmatched durability, performance, and peace of mind.

Engine Oil

Start X Auto is not just another name in the business; we are a benchmark for quality. Sourcing and distributing only the world's best-branded engine oils, we ensure your engines perform better.


Star X Auto sets the industry standard as a game-changer and Lubricants Trade and supply market leader. Our selection includes products from well-established brands and specialized lubricants designed for all vehicles.



Welcome to Star X Auto, your go-to place for genuine Automobile spare parts. We were Established in 2020 and have three decades of expertise in auto spare parts. Our heart beats for Japanese and Korean car brands, and from our Jebel Ali Free Zone,Dubai,UAE we send these genuine parts worldwide. 

 At Star X Auto, our family of professionals are always ready to help. Our promise? Genuine parts, all time. We want every customer to trust us, feel happy with their purchase, and know they are valued. 

Why Partner with Star X Auto

We offer Genuine auto spare parts that are built to last. This means your customers will be satisfied and more likely to return to your store. Working with us can help make your business the trusted place for reliable auto parts. Choose Star X Auto to improve your product range and customer trust.

Body & engine

Automobile engine

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Expert Workers

For your car we will do everything

Key Installation

For your car we will do everything

Key Installation

For your car we will do everything