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Be Part of a Legacy in Automotive Excellence

Welcome to Star X Auto, your gateway to a fulfilling career in the automotive spare parts industry! Situated at the heart of Dubai, we are the trusted distributors of genuine spare parts, serving the Middle East and Africa and reaching out globally. At Star X Auto, we don’t just offer jobs; we offer journeys of growth, innovation, and absolute excellence. 

Why should you choose Star X Auto? Because here, you’re not just another employee; you are family. We value every individual’s unique skills and aspirations. Together, we don’t just distribute spare parts; we deliver reliability, safety, and peace of mind to millions of automobile owners. When you join our team, you become a part of a story of commitment, quality, and groundbreaking service.

Unlock Endless Learning and Growth

Dream big because the sky’s the limit at Star X Auto! We understand the importance of personal and professional growth and provide all the tools you need to ascend the ladder of success. With state-of-the-art training programs and mentorship from industry experts, you will find ample opportunities to learn, grow, and make an impact.  Imagine walking into a workspace where every day brings a new opportunity to excel. Whether engaging with clients or strategizing the next big distribution plan, your contributions are valued and recognized. Here, you’re not just doing a job but building a career you can be proud of.


Make a Difference: One Part at a Time

Let’s talk impact! At Star X Auto, your role extends beyond the office’s walls. As a trusted distributor, we uphold standards that ensure our customers confidently drive their vehicles. Your efforts help in making that promise a reality. You’re not just a cog in the wheel; you’re the engine driving us toward a safer, more reliable future for automotive care. Being part of our team means you also get to be part of community initiatives and green practices that improve the world. At Star X Auto, we believe in giving back, and your role here amplifies that belief. So, are you ready to kickstart a fulfilling career with Star X Auto? Be a part of our ever-expanding family, where opportunities never cease, and the journey toward excellence never ends. Join us, and let’s steer the future together!


Why Choose a
Career with Us?

Star X Auto is a global leader in genuine auto spare parts. With 25 years of expertise, we serve clients worldwide, offering top-notch products and unmatched service. Trust and transparency define us.

Competitive Salaries and Benefits

We offer a comprehensive benefits package and competitive salaries to ensure the financial well-being of our employees.

Professional Development

Continuous learning and development are integral aspects of our culture. With regular training and seminars, we invest in your career growth.

Global Outreach

With operations across multiple countries, you'll have the opportunity to be part of a worldwide network, enriching your professional experience.

Community Involvement

Giving back is in our DNA. We actively engage in community service and charitable activities and encourage our employees to participate.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Stay ahead of the curve with access to the latest tools and technologies in the automotive industry.

How To Apply?

Are you interested in starting a career with us at Star X Auto? We’re on the lookout for passionate individuals to join our team. Just follow these simple steps: First, check out our available roles. Next, prepare your CV with your best achievements and email us.

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