Our Products

Star X Auto is the trusted Genuine Spare Parts Supplier in the Middle East. Our collection is vast, with top-quality parts sourced from big-name brands, ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly and safely. From essential engine components to enhancing accessories, we’ve got you covered. Every piece we offer is trusted, and tailored for durability. No matter what you’re searching for, our range is designed to meet your every automotive need. Trust in our products for uncompromised quality and unmatched performance. Dive into a world where quality meets reliability only at Star X Auto.


Star X Auto is recognized as the leading B2B supplier of high-quality filters which is pivotal for vehicle upkeep. Sourced from top global manufacturers, our filters are engineered for unmatched performance and reliability. Every filter we provide is designed to shield your engine from detrimental contaminants, ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently. With a reputation as the best in the business, our filters are the top choice for retailers and large-scale workshops across the region. When it comes to the longevity of your engine and maintaining its pristine condition, trust only Star X Auto — where superior quality meets unmatched reliability.

Spark Plugs

At Star X Auto, we are the trusted supplier of genuine spark plugs, vital for every engine’s optimal function. Every spark plug in our collection promises a flawless ignition, providing your engine with the perfect spark it rightfully deserves. Sourced from the world’s top manufacturers, our spark plugs guarantee efficient combustion, optimizing fuel economy and engine performance. When retailers and grand workshops seek the pinnacle of spark plug quality, they turn to Star X Auto. Trust us to deliver the absolute best in engine care and enhanced performance. Choose excellence; choose Star X Auto.

Brake Pads

Star X Auto is the premier B2B supplier of brake pads. Dedicated to ensuring vehicular safety, we source our brake pads from globally leading manufacturers to guarantee optimum stopping capability and extended durability. Recognized as a pillar in the automotive spare parts domain, we’re trusted by retailers and expansive workshops. Why? Because at Star X Auto, we believe in only offering the best. With unparalleled quality, our brake pads ensure seamless drives and unwavering safety. Star X Auto tops the list when businesses think of dependable brake pads. Trust in our expertise and make safety a priority.

Piston & Rings

Star X Auto stands at the forefront of the automotive industry as the trusted supplier of pistons and rings. Crafted to perfection, our pistons and rings are the heartbeat of an engine, ensuring its longevity and smooth operation. Our selection guarantees minimal friction, optimal compression, and unparalleled fuel efficiency. By choosing our products, you’re investing in the life and health of your engine. Every item underscores our unwavering dedication to quality and excellence. For the pinnacle of engine performance and endurance, trust only Star X Auto. Your engine deserves nothing but the best.


In the dynamic world of automobiles, Star X Auto distinguishes itself as the unparalleled supplier of top-tier gaskets sourced from iconic brands such as Toyota, Honda, BMW, Ford, Nissan, and Mitsubishi. These essential pieces serve as the linchpin, safeguarding against leaks and assuring that every engine component functions in perfect harmony. Precision-engineering to endure even the most challenging environments, our gaskets shield against outside contaminants while preserving the crucial internal balances. Our unwavering commitment to quality means each gasket promises longevity and peerless performance. With Star X Auto, you’re not just choosing a product; you’re opting for excellence, ensuring your engine’s continued peak performance, underpinned by our unmatched trust and quality seal.


Star X Auto is the trusted genuine spare parts supplier in the Middle East. Partnering with esteemed manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, BMW, Ford, Nissan, and Mitsubishi, we offer top-grade radiators vital for your vehicle’s optimal performance. Our radiators are meticulously crafted to keep your engine cool, enhancing its lifespan and efficiency. Professionals and enthusiasts turn to Star X Auto regarding quality, durability, and precision. Every radiator we supply is a commitment to excellence, designed to fit seamlessly and function flawlessly. Choose us, and invest in the unparalleled quality your vehicle deserves.

Clutch Disc

Driving smoothly hinges on a reliable clutch disc. Star X Auto, the trusted genuine spare parts supplier in the Middle East, offers the best. Our clutch discs stand unmatched with trusted brands like Toyota, Honda, BMW, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi in our roster. They guarantee flawless gear shifts, ensuring your drives are seamless and efficient. By choosing the quality and reliability of major world-renowned automotive brands, you’re opting for superior performance. Rely on Star X Auto for the perfect blend of top-tier brands and unmatched automotive expertise. Experience smooth journeys every single time.

Oil Pumps

Oil pumps keep engines happy, and Star X Auto makes your vehicle more comfortable. As the trusted Genuine Spare Parts Supplier in the Middle East, we bring you oil pumps from top brands like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Chevrolet. Our pumps ensure a steady oil flow, which is vital for your engine’s well-being. With a line-up of renowned brands and our promise of durability, you can be sure of the best performance. When you think of top-notch engine health, think of Star X Auto. We deliver quality, trust, and the best from the world of automotive brands.

Shock Absorbers

Smooth rides are a must, and Star X Auto ensures that for you. As the trusted Genuine Spare Parts Supplier in the Middle East, we source the finest shock absorbers from world-class brands like Toyota, BMW, Hyundai, Kia, and Land Rover. Our shock absorbers promise to soak up those jolts and bumps, giving you the comfort you deserve. When roads get tough, our products keep your drive accessible. Trust in Star X Auto to connect you with the best in the industry, ensuring every journey is pleasant. Choose us for quality, comfort, and the top names in the automotive world.

Body Parts & Accessories

Looking to spruce up your vehicle? Look no further. Star X Auto, the trusted Genuine Spare Parts Supplier in the Middle East, has covered you. We proudly offer top-tier body parts and accessories from big names like Toyota, Honda, BMW, and Nissan. Whether you aim for a sleek appearance or functional upgrades, we ensure your car gets only the best. With us, your vehicle not only runs but also looks its best. Dive into our range and let renowned brands elevate your driving experience—Trust Star X Auto – where quality meets style.

A/C Parts

Are you seeing temperatures outside? Worry not. Star X Auto, the trusted Genuine Spare Parts Supplier in the Middle East, offers top-grade A/C parts from renowned brands like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Ford. Our A/C components are designed to provide optimal cooling, ensuring every journey is a breeze. We are committed to chilling your vehicle’s interior, even in the hottest conditions. Rely on us for efficient, durable, and perfect parts for the Middle Eastern climate. With Star X Auto, stay calm and cruise in comfort.